17th March update – operational status

Moving to Supported Study Status  

Further to my email to parents of Y10 yesterday on a partial closure, it’s clear we are finding it increasingly difficult to operate our normal UTC curriculum.  

We are a smaller school and we have a small and committed staff who have been working incredibly hard in these exceptional circumstances.  

From tomorrow, Wednesday 18th March until further notice, we plan to open on a ‘Supported Study Status’ for Years 11 & 13 where the UTC will become a place for students to learn more independently, with staff available to guide and support. Year 10 and 12 work from home until notified.  

We fully respect the decision of families to self-isolate where there are family members with vulnerable characteristics or underlying health issues. 

What will this look like in practice?  

  1. We are prioritising the learning needs of Y11 and Y13 students currently.  
  2. Staff who are present in the UTC will deliver study sessions and lessons will be taught where specialist teachers are here and on our UTC site.  We will display a daily schedule of lessons in reception for lessons / study that will be taking place that day.  
  3. If teachers are not in school, students will be expected to learn independently in the LRC, or other open classrooms.  I am afraid we no longer have the capacity to cover an absent teacher’s lesson.  
  4. Staff who are not present in the UTC will start to set lesson activities remotely from home using One Note.  They will provide tailored lessons and activities to ensure students can continue to learn and prepare for forthcoming exams. As a UTC with a commitment to technology we’re well set up for this home learning with an active number of resources.  
  5. Our current Y11 PPE exam programme will be revised to bring the triple science (group 1 & 2 only) forward.  Maths paper 3 planned for tomorrow will not go ahead.  
  6. Students will sign in at reception and sign out upon leaving.  
  7. We’ll relax our business dress rules. The day will finish at 3pm. Students can stay until the ‘normal’ end of the working day if they would like.  
  8. Students from all year groups who feel they need further support are welcome to visit the UTC at any time to discuss concerns and worries, our iHub team and teaching staff will be on hand to support.  
  9. We are committed to sending regular communication offering guidance and support. 

What can you do to support learning?  

  1. Establish that this is not a ‘day off’ and home working and home learning will become part of our normal way of working in these uncertain times.  
  2. Look to create a routine and a commitment to work at home by agreeing the times of study, when breaks will be and by providing paper, pen, space and quiet.  Please contact us if you need help with some stationery supplies.  
  3. Remind your child to upload work as directed for marking, or email their teacher with questions.  They can also email each other for help. 
  4. Ensure Chromebooks, charger and exercise books are taken home.  
  5. Talk and discuss their anxieties and worries that will exist.  

Key contact emails: 

Principal, Owain – OJohns@utcoxfordshire.org.uk 

Head of Maths, Paul – Pcorrie@utcoxfordshire.org.uk 

Head of Science, Kieran – Khughes@utcoxfordshire.org.uk 

Head of English, Emma – Epayne@utcoxfordshire.org.uk 

Head of Engineering, Will – Wratty@utcoxfordshire.org.uk 

KS4 Engineering, Tom – Tgriffin@utcoxfordshire.org.uk 

Product Design, Georgina – Gphillips@utcoxfordshire.org.uk 

Humanities, business, comp sci and languages, c/o Glen – Gyoung@utcoxfordshire.org.uk  

Head of Y11, Vicki – Vknight@utcoxfordshire.org.uk 

Head of Y10, Luke – Lstone@utcoxfordshire.org.uk  

Head of 6th Form – LJenkins@utcoxfordshire.org.uk  

Student support – studentsupport@utcoxfordshire.org.uk  

Safeguarding – safeguarding@utcoxfordshire.org.uk  


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