The Role of the Governing Body

UTC Oxfordshire is part of Activate Learning Education Trust, a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity. It does not have to be registered with the Charity Commission.

The Board of Directors/Trustees of Activate Learning Education Trust is required to establish a ‘Local Governing Body’ for each academy within the trust.  The Company’s Articles of Association are the primary governing documents of the Academy Trust.

UTC Oxfordshire is accountable to and must serve its community.  All children deserve and should expect to receive a high standard of education.  Whilst the Trustees have overall responsibility and ultimate decision making authority for all the work of the Trust, and the standards achieved by the pupils and students of the Academies, a Local Governing Body has been set up to ensure the vision of the Trust is fulfilled at the level of the individual school.

The Local Governing Body is focused on the day to day life of the Academy, for which it has responsibility. It is there to ensure the staff working in the Academy are supported and challenged, when necessary, and the needs of the pupils and students are met. The Local Governing Body has a vital monitoring role and receives a principal’s report at each meeting.  They will also consider other items of business such as:

  • The progress and attainment of pupils
  • The quality of teaching
  • The financial management of the Academy
  • The behaviour and safety of pupils

Membership of the Local Governing Body

  • The Principal of the Academy (ex-officio)
  • Members from the local community
  • Industry partners
  • Two elected parent members One elected staff member

The role of those serving on the Local Governing Body is an important one, fulfilling the Trust’s mission and providing feedback to the Trustees of the Trust.  Those serving on the Local Governing Body must act independently and in the best interest of the Academies and the Trust, whilst recognising that the Academy is part of a family of schools run by the Trust each with collective responsibility.  They will act as ambassadors of the Academies and the Trust and must be able to demonstrate an understanding of the ethos and values of the Trust and a commitment to fulfilling the Trust’s mission and objectives for the Academies, using their skills and experience and drawing on specialist skills where required.

In fulfilling their roles, Governors adhere to Nolan’s Seven Principles of Public Life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

UTC Oxfordshire Local Governing Body members

Owain Johns  Principal/ Accounting Officer
Mark Bodeker  Chair
Philip Waddup  Governor

Billy McNeill


Professor Paul Hogg


Stephen Houseman


Grace Thompson


Alex Birkhead

 Governor – Parent
Zoe Pooley  Governor – Parent
Sim Richards  Governor – Staff
Heledd Walker  Clerk

To contact our Chair of Governors, please write to us at :

Activate Learning Education Trust
Oxpens Road



UTC Oxfordshire Local Governing Body meeting dates 2017-18

  • Wednesday 18 October 2017
  • Wednesday 22 November 2017
  • Wednesday 7 March 2018
  • Wednesday 27 June 2018

 Minutes and other documents

UTC Oxfordshire minutes 8 March 2017

UTC Oxfordshire signed board minutes – 7 December 2016

UTC Oxfordshire signed board minutes – 19 October 2016

UTC Oxfordshire signed board minutes – 6 July 2016

UTC Oxfordshire signed board minutes – 2 March 2016

UTC Oxfordshire Financial Statements 2015-16

Declaration of interest and meeting attendance

2015-16 declaration of interest and attendance

2016-17 declaration of interest and attendance