What is a UTC?









UTC stands for University Technical College and is an innovative new approach to learning for 14-19 year olds that offers specialist programmes alongside a core curriculum.

A UTC is different from an average school because it has support and backing from the local business community and has high profile industry partners involved in the development of the curriculum. One or more universities are involved to make sure that the UTC really can offer students the best of both worlds.

UTCs are for students aged 14 to 19, as this is the age when they’ll have a better idea of what they are really interested in and whether they would enjoy learning in high-tech surroundings. At 14, students are likely to be ready to study in a real-world environment, where they can gain the practical experience and develop the skills that would lead them into work or university.

UTC Oxfordshire is associated with The Baker Dearing Educational Trust and UTColleges which promotes this new model of technical schooling. The work of technicians and other highly skilled vocationally qualified people is vital to our economy.

UTCs have the support of the government and the commitment from universities and employers who are working in 45 locations across the country to open UTCs.

UTC Oxfordshire’s lead sponsor Activate Learning is also the lead sponsor of UTC Reading, which opened its doors in September 2013.