BMW MINI launch this year’s first employer-led project

Last week saw the launch of UTC Oxfordshire’s first employer-led project of the year, run by BMW MINI.

Representatives from BMW MINI visited UTC Oxfordshire to present the project to students from each year group. We were delighted to welcome UTC Oxfordshire alumnus Callum Huntley as one of the BMW MINI representatives. After achieving a D* D* D* for his Extended Diploma in Engineering, he has now gone on to work for MINI as a higher level apprentice. He is also due to receive a Duke of York Technical Gold Award in November.

Each year group was set a different brief to design aspects of the BMW MINI for 2020.



Year 10 brief

“Create a ‘design’ for the Dashboard of the Next Generation MINI.”

Year 10 students have been asked to keep the driver in mind at all times as the dashboard is the key interface between the car and the driver. They should bear in mind seamless ergonomics as well as electronic and digital technology to make the Dashboard appropriate for the future.

Year 11 brief

“Choose five design features or characteristics that you would change and conduct a feasibility study. Then select one feature that creates the most impact, producing a detailed Design Proposal.”

This task is to look at overall design improvements, keeping in mind what is feasible and how much it would cost. Students must also take a look into customer needs and desires for how they’d like to improve the MINI.

Year 12 brief

“Create a ‘design’ for the steering wheel of the next generation MINI.”

The steering wheel is the primary control interface between the car and the driver. Students need to keep in mind future technology and ergonomics as well as safety with the integration of the airbag.

Year 13 brief

“Create a ‘concept design’ for the Battery Electric MINI [with the primary focus on POWER and ‘re-fuelling’].”

The focus for this brief is that electric cars will inevitably replace petrol and diesel cars. Efficient storage, recharging capabilities and paradigm of the driver should all be considered.


Now that students have been given their briefs, they have until 25 October to submit one double sided A4 plan and a sales pitch, explaining the key elements of the proposal, method of working and the team’s UPS.

The semi-finals will then take place on 1 November where the best four will be selected from each year group. These groups will present to their own year group and MINI Design Board representatives.

Winners from each year will then be selected and the board will decided the overall winning team, who will get the opportunity to go on a VIP visit to the MINI plant in Oxford.

Good luck to all students!



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