CCFE Challenge

Today, John Hill, Project Manager at CCFE launched a twin project for Years 10 and 12 which involved VEX robots and a communication challenge.

The morning kick started with a  talk that highlighted the differences between fusion and fission, while also giving a description of the activities which take place at the Culham facility within the MAST and JET projects.

Following on from this, first year apprentices at CCFE, Richard, Felix, James, Joshua , Lucy , Ella and Tom (of whom the last 3 were alumni students of UTC Oxfordshire), talked about life as apprentices and went on to describe the VEX robot project set up, which mirrors the remote handling undertaken at Culham.

John Hill said after the launch, “It was good to see both years so attentive and engaged.  We were pleased to introduce our first year apprentices and to set a challenge that was a good introduction to the type of work that takes place within our operations facilities.”

Tom and Lucy said that they had enjoyed putting together the presentation that had been given at the launch and excited to have been involved with setting the challenge.  They were pleased with the slight twist that they had been able to give the Year 12 project to make it different from ones that some of the students might have seen or undertaken previously.

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