Descriptions of our classes


A flowing program involving balance exercises, yoga poses and a variety of stretches accompanied by relaxing music. It will help you perform better to any other physical activities you do by correcting muscular imbalances, strengthening stabilisers, core & gluteal muscles and improving your flexibility.


Working outside exposed to the elements, work in small groups or pairs to complete a workout set by the instructor. You need to be up for playing games and need to be a little bit competitive. Lots of bodyweight exercises used in bootcamp but also random equipment such as car tyres and battle ropes. This class is a high intensity but can be adjusted to suite people new to the class.


Punch, kick, duck and dive your way through a 30-minute blast of a high intensity workout! Learn new skills and burn loads of calories in a short space of time. Suitable for anyone!


Hitting the abs from all angles, with hundreds of different exercises that will push each member. Work in pairs, fun challenges, and mini solo workouts, all guarantee too give you the burn, and bring results fast.


Many training styles combined in one workout: cardio, strength, plyometric, interval. Includes free weights, ropes, medicine balls, kettlebells, Bosu, step, body weight & elastic tube exercises. Includes stretching at the end.


An effective & enjoyable cardio exercise, suitable for all fitness levels, listening to an uplifting music. Involves easy steps from a variety of dancing styles such as salsa, hip-hop, freestyle, disco, mambo, samba. You can adjust the intensity to your preference depending on how intensively you dance and how much you involve your arms. Includes stretching in the end.


This class is for those looking at learning to use kettlebells for any body part as kettlebells are a great vercitial item. The class in at a moderate to high tempo using all the body with a mixture or circuit/Tabata and pyramid style sessions. Great for all round strength and Cardio


This is a great class for beginners and those more experienced. Low to Moderate tempo and each session is set for you to go at your own pace with a mixture of bodyweight and weighted exercises. The class is designed to help you tone up your legs, bums and tums and a little bit of cardio as well.

U-Max It

As the name sounds: but don’t be scared away. You work to your OWN individual limit! A mix of all fitness types in a single 45 minute session. Speed, strength, power and endurance is all addressed in U-Max It


Primal movement is all about getting your body back to basic movement patterns to help undo the damage with do in our sedentary lifestyles. The class starts with a mobility exercise to help flex a set of muscles. Once the warmup is done you will go into a set of dynamic exercises to get a powerful workout. The class ends with stretches. This class is recommended for people that regularly get injured or struggle to move in a full range of movement. However most people will get challenged by this class.


Pump uses weighted bars and dumbbells to get targeted muscles burning! Weighted exercises are also mixed with aerobic exercise to music to add a high calorie burn and fun! Although this class can be a high intensity you can adjust the weights on used to lower the insanity yourself.


Fast paced energetic yoga. Using the breath to flow through poses.  A 45 minute class which will help you build strength, flexibility and improve your well being.

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