Employer Led Projects 2019

Leading local employers support UTC Oxfordshire and work with us to design and deliver project-based learning using real life issues and challenges. 

Our sixth form students work collaboratively with employers and industry representatives to develop industry standard responses to a wide range of challenges throughout the year.

Weekly collaboration at ELP allow students from across the curriculum to pool their talents and develop their employability skills.

September saw the launch of the Mini Design Challenge.  Sixth Form Project Groups tackled design challenges for the new electric vehicle and presented solutions to a panel from Mini BMW at the end of term 1.

In term 2, project groups worked with local business partner Crown to pitch ideas for the Robotic Can Transfer and the Resealable Can challenges!

Employer led projects are a win-win for everyone involved. Students benefit because they learn how to improve their employability. Companies benefit because the young people they may ultimately take on have the required skills to help drive future success. I think the partnership between the UTC and MINI Plant Oxford – organisations which are motivated by a passion for engineering and technical excellence – is a great example of what can be achieved in this regard” Steve Houseman, BMW Mini

Previous Employer Led Projects

Mini BMW – winners spent a VIP day at Mini Plant Oxford

Oxford Brookes – Microbiology – winners were given the opportunity to present findings at the Microbiology Society annual conference

Air Products – Vouchers

CCFE – Vex robots – Vouchers

CCFE – Nuclear Fusion – Vouchers

Network Rail – VIP Day

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