Year 10

How to apply


Paper applications: Paper applications (Round Two allocation) can be made until the 21st March 2020. The application form is the same but you will not find out if you have been allocated a place until the 8th May 2020. Simply complete a paper copy of the form and send to your local authority.

Oxfordshire County Council


Confirm with us: Once you have completed your application with the local authority, please also let us know by completing our short form below.

Application Confirmation


Students in Year 10 and 11 study core subjects alongside additional GCSE subjects and BTEC qualifications:

Core subjects GCSE Mathematics
GCSE English, English Literature
GCSE Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Combined science
Health and Fitness
Personal and Professional Development
Specialist option
(choose one)
Engineering or Science
GCSE option 1
(choose three)
GCSE Business Studies
GCSE Computer Science
GCSE French
GCSE German
GCSE Product Design (3D Art and Design)
GCSE History
GCSE Geography

Curriculum Overviews

Working with industry – employer led projects

At UTC Oxfordshire, employer led projects (ELPs) are an integral and unique part of our core curriculum, providing the opportunity for students to work at solving real world problems set by science and engineering business partners. ELPs run alongside, and enhance, our technical and academic curriculum. These group tasks develop key employability skills such as communication, creativity, problem solving, leadership, resilience, time management and presentation.

“Employer led projects are a win-win for everyone involved. Students benefit because they learn how to improve their employability. Companies benefit because the young people they may ultimately take on have the required skills to help drive future success. I think the partnership between the UTC and MINI Plant Oxford – organisations which are motivated by a passion for engineering and technical excellence – is a great example of what can be achieved in this regard – Steve Houseman, Mini



Previous Employer Led Projects

Mini BMW – winners spent a VIP day at Mini Plant Oxford

Oxford Brookes – Microbiology – winners were given the opportunity to present findings at the Microbiology Society annual conference

Air Products – Vouchers

CCFE – Vex robots – Vouchers

CCFE – Nuclear Fusion – Vouchers

Network Rail – VIP Day