Group exercise

Our creative and enthusiastic instructors come up with new ways to make you fitter every single week. We offer a great variety of classes from low to high intensity and pride ourselves with the fact that we have maximum capacity in classes of 15 people, so you get as much instructor attention as possible.

Your first class is free, so please come and give our activities a try.

Please note booking is necessary for all classes due to limited numbers.

Day Time Class name Intensity level Class description
Monday 6.30-7pm U-Balance Low Focus on building the little muscles around your joints to increase your balance and improve strength. In this class you will also spend a set amount of time stretching and ironing out kinks picked up from exercise. Great for injury prevention and increasing flexibility.
Monday 7-7.30pm U-Pump Moderate Moderate intensity, full body workout, using weighted bars as well as body weight. Suitable for weight loss and toning.
Tuesday 6-6.30pm U-LBT Moderate LBT (legs, bums, tums) does exactly what it says on the tin. Hit all the trouble spots in this fun, fab class and get the body you’ve always wanted.
Tuesday 6.45-7.15pm U-Core Low Low intensity workout, focusing on abdominal and core muscles. Perfectly suited for those with back problems and those looking to achieve a flat stomach.
Wednesday 6-6.30pm U-Circuits High Join our instructor for a not so traditional take on circuits; with games, challenges and of course circuits, discover what your body and mind are capable of. Great for weight loss and conditioning for sports.
Thursday 6-6.30pm U-MAX-IT! High U-MAX-IT is a total body workout, targeting endurance, power, strength and cardiovascular fitness. It is an interval based class, ranging from longer periods of work, to short, intense bursts. It is high intensity, involving bodyweight, functional and resistance exercises to kickstart progression.
Saturday 9.15-9.45am U-Kettle-bells Moderate Like a cannonball with a handle and dates back to the 18th century. Meet the Kettlebell! Although great for strength, U-Kettle-bells is great for the core, cardio and co-ordination; it’s a great full body workout.

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