Personal Trainer:- Josh Danger

About Josh

With over 5 years’ experience in fitness training and working in the leisure industry, Josh has developed a wealth of knowledge in various different forms of training. Josh understands that fitness is more than just chiseled abs and bulging arms, it’s about positive mental well being and a great state of mind. Josh’s sessions are focused on a mixture of strength, functional and conditioning training tailored to each individual to help them look, feel, move and perform to a much higher standard.

Training philosophy

I believe fitness is something everyone can learn to love no matter what their background is. There is no better feeling than reaching a goal, whether that be noticing a physical change, lifting a set weight or completing something in a set time, the feeling of self-accomplishment is second to none as one of greatest feelings that can be achieved.

In a world where stress and mental health is such an issue I believe fitness can be one of the best remedies to help improve everyone’s well being. Getting people passionate about their own health is what motivates me and makes me love what I do, there is nothing I enjoy more than hearing how fitness has had an impact on someone’s life.

My Beliefs:

· You’re workouts shouldn’t all be about suffering and pain, they should always be enjoyable and should always leave you with a great sense of achievement

· Diet and exercise are two of the biggest factors when trying to improve both your physical and mental health

· Goal setting is key to keep yourself motivated and driven to push yourself during your workouts.

Services offered

· 1-2-1 Personal Training

· Small Group Personal Training


· Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing

· Level 3 Personal Trainer