Spotlight in Microbiology Today

Microbiology Today is the quarterly magazine of the Microbiology Society, a worldwide membership society based in universities, industry, hospitals, research institutes and schools.

The magazine aims to provide informative and enjoyable broad-interest articles for professional microbiologists around the world. Each issue features one article aimed at schools and UTC Oxfordshire are delighted to have been selected for the spotlight in November’s edition of the magazine.

The article describes the school and student experience of the Antibiotics Unearthed project 2017 and explains how the students worked in partnership with Oxford Brookes University on the practical work, with the UTC’s engineering department to design and 3D print an important component and the Microbiology Society’s annual conference in Edinburgh to showcase the students’ work.

Professor David Evans from Oxford Brookes University confirmed that the university is keen to support the UTC with this project every year and said “this is just the kind of working relationship I envisaged when I first visited the building site that was to become UTC Oxfordshire.”

Read the full article here


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