Student destinations – Year 13

Our aim is to provide clear progression for all students into higher education, further education, employment and apprenticeships. Take a look at what some of our Year 13 students have planned for when they complete their time at UTC Oxfordshire:

Ben Warr, Laing O’Rourke

“The UTC has definitely helped as there are a lot of employability workshops, presentations and motivational speakers, which helps when trying to write a CV and prepare for an interview. There are so many opportunities if you come here. The UTC is associated with many different companies and I think when I used examples in my interview from my employer-led projects it put me at a massive advantage. Last summer I did an extended work placement with Laing O’Rourke at the Westgate Centre in Oxford and this really stimulated my interest in civil engineering.”

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Tiffany Cox, Williams F1

“It’s really competitive – I’ve been trying for years to get in. It wasn’t really until the UTC helped me get a three month extended placement with Williams F1 that I got a real chance of getting the apprenticeship. It was the best three months of my life! With the placement on my CV, when I went to apply for other apprenticeships it made me look a lot more desirable. I was lucky enough to be offered more than one engineering apprenticeship and I took time to make an informed decision. The school and the employers were very helpful in this process.”

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Yassmine Girgis, Jaguar Land Rover

“My aim is to keep working for the company once I have completed the apprenticeship. There are four main areas you can go into, which are purchase, manufacture, design and technician. I’m not completely sure which one I would like to pursue – we decide this one year into the apprenticeship, but I’m currently leaning more towards design. I think helping to improve design and efficiency of vehicles would be an interesting role within the company.”

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Chai Vongseenin, Loughborough University

“I’m definitely glad about coming here. The teachers are all really experienced and passionate about what they do and I think that helps with motivation.

“Being at the UTC itself really helps when apply to university; I think it puts you one step ahead of other applicants. It shows that you’re already dedicated to engineering and have taken the decision to pursue this career wholeheartedly.”

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James Hollingham, Science and Technology Facilities Council

“I like the more practical approach that an apprenticeship offers. I enjoy the fact that I won’t be in debt and will get paid instead! I feel as though there are more secure job prospects from an apprenticeship and you get work experience which I think it essential when looking for a job.”

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Josh Green, University of Manchester 

“I like engineering as a whole and chemical engineering allows me to explore lots of different elements as it’s not really a single discipline subject. I knew I wanted to do chemical engineering and that isn’t really offered as an apprenticeship. There was one option in Liverpool but that was a little too far away for me. That’s why I chose a university course instead. I also completed 12 weeks of work experience with Owen Mumford, a pharmaceutical engineering company, which helped me to decide this was a career path I liked.”

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Tom Eagles, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy

“My brother is already an apprentice at Rutherford, so he has already gone through the process of an apprenticeship. This means that I have seen all the positives of an apprenticeship that I think a lot of people overlook. For me personally, I don’t think I would be suited to a full time degree at university as I prefer a ‘hands-on’ approach which is what an apprenticeship will allow me to do. You’re able to gain the practical experience while also achieve a degree alongside it; so you get the best of both worlds really.”

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William Burchette, Airbus

“Being at the UTC helps massively with trying to get into the engineering industry as a lot of companies come through here like BMW MINI and we complete employer-led projects. The workshops help you with understanding what an employer is looking for. The engineering teachers have obviously been excellent and it’s great that they are ex professional engineers as they have more knowledge and experience from the industry rather than just teaching you from a textbook.

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