Student secured unconditional offer to study motorsport technology after landing mentoring gap year role in Dubai

Year 13 student, Elliot, has secured an unconditional offer to study Motorsport Technology at Oxford Brookes University in 2020, after landing a year’s employment in Dubai, starting this October!

Elliot, who studies a BTEC in engineering, is an experienced go-karting competitor and whilst studying at UTC Oxfordshire, has been able to pursue his go-karting work experience all over the world.

Elliot said: “From a young age, I’ve always loved cars and racing and am very competitive. Outside of school, I race all around England and Europe. A connection of mine, who runs the team out in Europe, came to the UK and we got talking about potential opportunities. I cheekily asked him when he was going to offer me a job, and he did!”

“I was out in Dubai for two weeks in January, and again in early March. I will be flying out again tonight to sort out the contract to start my employment there, as of 1 October 2019!”

“When I joined UTC Oxfordshire in year 10, I spoke to our Principal, Owain, and the teachers about my karting and they were (and have always been) so supportive of it. That has been so important to me to pursue something I love. When I need to take time out of school to compete in races, they ensure my work has been set in advance and help me to manage it. I’ve never fallen behind and it has worked very well.”

“The job in Dubai will be mentoring a group of racers, with six-years-old being our youngest, and twenty-four being the oldest.”

“The unconditional offer I have received from Oxford Brookes University to study motorsport technology will be something I take up the following year. It will be a three or four-year course, depending on whether I take the placement year or not. The first year will be learning the theory, and the subsequent years I will be putting it into practice.”

“I found out I have got an unconditional offer in February. I got so much support from Sue, our Head of Sixth Form, who continually gave me feedback on my personal statement and application. They’ve all been amazing.”

“Joining UTC Oxfordshire was a great decision for me. I am one of the pioneer students, having joined when it was brand new. I was looking for a new kind of experience, and the staff here were so supportive of me. They treat you like an adult and make you responsible for your future; that suited me.”

“I would recommend UTC Oxfordshire to anyone that is self-disciplined and has an interest in engineering, business or science specialisms.”

We wish Elliot the best of luck out in Dubai and at Oxford Brookes University and look forward to hearing how it is all going.

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