Students complete Mini Dashboard Design Project

Before Christmas, the students were all working on their latest Partner project – designing a new Mini dashboard.

Year 10 BriefDSC_0053

Create a ‘design’ for the Dashboard of the Next Generation MINI in 2020.
Consider the ‘design fundamentals’, such as Cost, Safety and Manufacturing Feasibility, as well as ‘design dilemmas’, such as Iconic MINI design cues. traditional modern design.

Year 12 Brief

Create a ‘design’ for the Steering Wheel of the Next Generation MINI in 2020.
Consider the ‘design fundamentals’, such as cost, safety and materials, as well as ‘design dilemmas’ – such as Iconic MINI design cues, traditional modern design approach and functionality v enhancement of the MINI experience.

Students were put into teams to work on the project, many of them opting to assign different aspects of the project to individual team members, but still working together to ensure that the final design and presentation was coherent.

DSC_0058On 16 December, all teams had to present their designs and from these presentations, four teams were chosen from each year group to present their design again to a panel who came from the Mini Plant in Oxford to judge the projects. The judges were all impressed with the level of quality of the designs and how the teams worked together to present their ideas. Much work had gone into researching the history of the Mini and its place as an iconic car. They took into account customer needs, style, price and the customisable nature of Mini cars, as well as keeping it up to date and fresh.

The winning teams were:

Very well done to them and to all the finalists for their hard work.

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