Students explore their options at University of Oxford

On Wednesday 10 November, seven Year 11 students were invited to the University of Oxford to investigate their options for higher education.

The day started with an introductory lecture explaining the options they needed to be taking to get them into university. This was followed by three taster lectures given by postgraduates.

The first explained her research into vaccines and how she is focused on creating a safe and effective vaccine for Ebola. The second explained his passion for law and posed the question “is a killing always murder?”. The final lecture was by an enthusiastic postgraduate telling us about his work as a mathematical biologist and showed how he was able to predict through maths what would happen when they changed the genetics of a fruit fly. The picture below shows some of his research:

A fruit fly genetically modified so it has legs in the place of its antenna

Students then had a workshop on pathways and looked at the stages they would need to go through to reach potential careers. The trip ended with a tour of St Anne’s College by an Oxford University student, who talked about the interview process and gave the UTC students a feel for what life would be like at university.

Rosie Hudson, Science Teacher at UTC Oxfordshire, commented: “The students had a fantastic day and it helped to raise awareness about Oxford University, which we hope will be an option for some of them when they leave us after completing their A-levels.”

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