Eduroam wifi services

UTC Oxfordshire supports eduroam wifi services for devices brought into the UTC by staff and students. 

Eduroam (Education Roaming) is a wireless access initiative that allows Staff and Students to securely access the internet on their personal devices at UTC Oxfordshire and participating education and research organisations worldwide. Visitors from other organisations can also use eduroam to access the internet at the UTC.

Connect to eduroam

The recommended method to connect is to use the Configuration Assistance Tool.
Go to and download the installer for your device. Run the installer on your device and sign in with your UTC Oxfordshire email address (e.g. for Students or for Staff) and your normal network password.

You may need to connect your device eduroam manually. If so, use the following settings:

Identity/Username: Your UTC email address
Password: Your Password
EAP Type: PEAP (v0)
Inner Authentication: MS-CHAPv2
CA Certificate: It is strongly recommended to use the GWPRootCA. This is to make sure that your password can only be received by our server only. Alternatively, leave this as do not check/validate.

You may also be asked for the following settings:

RADIUS Server:
Anonymous Identity: Leave Blank


  • If you require assistance connecting to eduroam when visiting another organisation, contact the UTC first instance. This is the usual support route.
  • For safeguarding and legal reasons, all internet traffic is logged and passed though a transparent web filter.

Eduroam(UK) policy

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