National Citizen Service

Do you want to gain skills in leadership, communication, teamwork and overall independence?

The National Citizen Service (NCS) programme is the government’s largest youth and community programme for young people (aged 15 – 17). Completion of the NCS programme is highly valued by both employers and university admissions tutors.

As part of our Sixth Form induction, we work with the NCS and expect all Y12 students to complete the programme. The video below was put together by UTC Oxfordshire student Jack Davies, entitled “A journey through NCS…”, summarising the highlights of the programme that our Year 12 students took part in when they joined us in September 2016.

Jack’s description of the video is as follows: “From our NCS graduation, we would love to share a short video summarising 8 weeks of work into 1 minute 30 seconds. We have all thoroughly enjoyed our experience and gained new skills and made new friends. We’d also like to say thank you to all those who supported us throughout, especially with our social action, raising an incredible total of £531.10 for St. Giles Walsall Hospice!”

Find out more about the programme and watch the NCS introduction below:

“The NCS programme is a fantastic, fun experience for the participants which helps to develop the confidence, independence and leadership skills needed by employers. The NCS experience is a great addition to an apprenticeship or university application, as well as an ideal way for our new sixth formers to start bonding before they work together on employer led projects at the UTC.”
(Sue Lea, Head of Sixth Form)

Student feedback

“I was first anxious about going on the NCS trip as I didn’t know anyone, but after I was so happy I went. I became close with so many people and made the whole group start a good relationship working with each other. Moreover, I was able to experience activities that I never thought I would such as Jacob’s ladder and Dragon boat racing. This gave us great team work skills and some great memories!”
(Caitlin Shaw)

“The NCS experience was great as it helped us get to know each other, and it was a once in a lifetime experience with the trip and the volunteering. I don’t think I would have done it otherwise, but it gives you a different perspective on it when you see the joy it gives people at the end.”
(Thomas Eagles)

“NCS was an unforgettable experience, it not only brought everyone together but taught us valuable skills which cannot be found elsewhere. It was a fun yet rewarding experience which not only helped us as the volunteers but the whole of the local community.”
(James Druce)

“NCS was an eye opener to the potential that I have and it showed me that I could do more. I hadn’t felt the joy that you feel when shaking the hand of a charity owner and hearing their story, hear the good that the money that you have raised will do for people less fortunate than you. Also it was a big help when at the start of the year I didn’t know many people as NCS broke down the bounds between existing friendship groups, allowing everyone to feel welcome.”
(Oliver Rees)