Visit from the Nuclear Institute

The Nuclear Institute visited UTC Oxfordshire this week to talk to 60 Sixth Form Engineering students and 25 A Level Physicists about the workings of a nuclear power station and its role in electricity generation in the UK.

Neil Thomson, President of the Nuclear Institute and Senior Technical Adviser to EDF energy, gave the first part of the talk, detailing how he entered the industry and the many ways the students can access this industry. This was then followed by a Q and A and a talk from Dr Mehdi Askarieh, Chairman of the Nuclear Institute Central England Branch, on his association with the Nuclear Institute.

Neil commented on the talk, stating: “I hope the students were able to get a feel for the technology and the exciting careers that are available to them in the nuclear industry and the electricity generating industry.

After University, I joined the Central Electricity Generating Board as a Research Engineer. I then worked my way up from there, but now there are a number of routes to get into this industry. One route through is after graduation for students to go into our graduate scheme. If they don’t want to go through the highly academic route of university there are routes in through apprenticeships as well.”

We would like to thank the Nuclear Institute and hope to welcome them back again soon.  

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